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Our Why

We’re here to take you on a journey. From the very vulnerable seed of your ‘big idea’ to being of the utmost service to your thriving customer base. We will bring your dream to life. Or make it shine brighter.
That journey, that process, is why we do what we do. We have seen incredible shifts happen in people’s lives because they start their business RIGHT from the start. Or they are willing to risk and change direction for optimal results. We live for witnessing those moments of joy, bliss, enlightenment and collaboration.

Our Chief Visionpreneur, Amanda Winn, is a big-hearted, thoughtful, make-it-happen girl and go-giver. She’ll be your support, your right hand woman and your voice of reason all at once. She steers the ship, directing the winds for smooth sailing to your business destination.

She spent another lifetime garnering the goods to do what only she can do for you. In the way that she does it. And she wants nothing more than to share that knowledge with you as she guides you through this process to get your good work out into the world.

We believe down to our toes that the process is equally as important, if not more important and life-giving and life-affirming, as the end-game or goal a client is aiming towards. And because we’re process motivated, we’re present to today, now, this moment.

Our clients are Purposepreneuers, Visionpreneuers, Aspiring New Thought Leaders, Social Innovators and Givingpreneurs. We dig what they do.

We help them by being catalysts for change and igniters towards positive movement. We believe that it all starts with the task at the moment … how we approach each task defines the business that’s being sculpted. And the message that we’re helping you get out into the world.

We care deeply. We will always do our best to show up with what’s true, real and helpful in the moment. We love humanness and, above all, we want our work to be a demonstration of the very best we have to offer one another.

Are you ready to be brave and open to the creative business development process?

Let us help you find your wings so you can fly.